Women Suffer From A Lack of Access to Healthcare


Maternal mortality is a recurring tragic within the United States that has resulted in labeling the country as worst in having maternal deaths. As the rates within maternal mortality have greatly increased over the years, society began to wonder whether mothers suffered from a lack of attention or whether the lack of access to health care was responsible for the increasing mortality rates. Health professionals make their best argument in responses to the assumptions about the cause of maternal mortality rates, when they say that mothers lack access to health care services due to the lack of fundings.



The lack of funding within health care programs has failed to make prenatal care affordable for low income mothers. Budget cuts have prevented low-income women from receiving prenatal care, an important factor that informs mothers on what nutrition and behavioral risks can impact her and the baby. With the lack of prenatal care mothers are in danger of suffering from maternal complications, as they areseven times more likely (to) give birth to premature babies.” The lack of access to prenatal care puts the mother at risk of not having a healthy pregnancy. Prenatal care allows the mother to be monitored throughout her pregnancy by doing routine testing “to help find and prevent possible problems.” As budget cuts target programs that provide affordable health service to women more mothers are prone to suffer from threatening complications during pregnancy.




Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 11.35.24 PM
Health Pregnancies Include Prenatal Care



Health Professionals believe that the lack of funding within healthcare programs has doubled maternal deaths. The drastic reduction of funding within women’s health clinics has caused “the numbers and (rates) of pregnancy-related deaths in Texas women (to) nearly (double).”  The doubling of maternal deaths within Texas shows that due to the lack of access to healthcare programs women are more likely to suffer from maternal mortality. As the legislature slashed 66 percent of funding with clinics in the state, it resulted in a total of eight-two clinics closing putting many low-income in danger. According to researchers the doubling of maternal mortality seemed unlikely “in the absence of war, natural disaster, or severe economic upheaval… in a state with almost 400,000 annual births,” as data showed a drastic number of deaths occurring. The lack of funding within healthcare programs has proven to greatly affect many low-income women who are unable to afford healthcare services.



Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 10.47.16 PM


The lack of funding in health care programs has put low income women  in danger of suffering from maternal mortality. “Cutting programs and closing clinics (will) likely ( prevent) women from receiving potentially life-saving medical care” as many low-income women rely heavily on public health programs. Health Professionals argue that improving women’s access to prenatal care and health programs could help reduce maternal death rates within the United States as, the lack of access to healthcare is reduced.



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