Rhetorical Analysis On Why Americans Are Mommy Loving Liars


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The author, Nicholas Kristof, wrote “ If Americans Love Moms, Why Do We Let Them Die?” effectively.  Kristof persuades his readers that Americans are lying about loving their mothers through creating a friendly reader article.



The author’s credentials and background allowed him to write the article effectively on maternal mortality as he demonstrates to be a man of great knowledge. Kristof has been a part of the New York Times as a longtime foreign correspondent, and is currently a columnist. He has won two Pulitzer Prizes for having great achievements within the newspaper and two humanitarian awards, the Dayton Literary Peace Prize and the Anne Frank Award. The humanitarian awards were presented to him for promoting peace through his writing and for being  an exceptional leader in preventing injustices. Kristof has also written several books with his wife. One of the most inspiring books Kristof and his wife have written about women is ,“Half the Sky.” The book discusses human rights violation through addressing the oppression women/ girls face within the developing world. Through his great education, accomplishments, and knowledge he has demonstrated to be an effective writer addressing the injustice of maternal mortality within the United States.



Kristof’s Books



Kristof organized his article well through the use of repetition emphasizing the issue of maternal mortality within the United States. Throughout his article he is constantly using the words “pregnancy” and “women” to sum up the idea of motherhood being in danger. For example, in the beginning of his article he states, “An American woman is about five times as likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth as a British woman — partly because Britain makes a determined effort to save mothers’ lives, and we don’t.” He uses the words pregnancy and women to show that his main idea throughout the article with revolve around those factors. His usage of repetition highlights major ideas that help him demonstrate his sub-points. For example, he demonstrates how outrages maternal deaths are specifically in Texas in order to prove that Americans are lying about loving mothers as they are allowing many of their own to die. Kristof also states that society lacks responsibility in helping women and suggests that America can help it’s women/girls through helping prevent unwanted pregnancies. He concludes his article with the phrase, “The Republican health care plans would instead… making motherhood more dangerous across America,” in order to sum up the main  idea he is trying to show through his repetition of the words “pregnancy” and “women.” His usage of repetition emphasizes the idea that women in America during motherhood are in danger of dying because of our health plans.




The author used credible sources within his article to prove that American’s health care is affecting the lives of mothers. For instance, he uses Glamour as one of his sources and refers back to one of his previous articles “Politicians, Teens, & Birth” within the statement, “Almost half of pregnancies in America are unintended. And almost one-third of American girls will become pregnant as teenagers. (Meanwhile, President Trump slashed $213 million in funding for teenage pregnancy prevention programs.)” Through the usage of  the source Glamour, Kristof is able to demonstrate how health care changes in the United States will make women/girls become more in danger during motherhood.  As Trump cuts funding in teen pregnancy prevention programs rates of maternal mortality will only increase. Kristof also refers back to one of his own articles to discuss the idea of teen pregnancies being prevented through providing birth control. Kristof usage of credible sources helps show his readers that reforming our health care plan is an important step towards helping prevent maternal mortality rates from increasing.


The author was able to create a reader friendly article through providing clear transitions within the article. He first begins my stating his main point and makes it clear to identify as he then follows with an example, “Here in Texas, women die from pregnancy at a rate almost unrivaled in the industrialized world,” in order to persuade his readers that Americans are lying about loving mothers. Kristof makes clear transitions within his article through clearly stating his sub-points, providing evidence for each claim he makes, and generally analyzing what he wanted to emphasize within each specific claim. For instance, he makes the claim, “Women die unnecessarily in Texas for many reasons, but it doesn’t help that some women’s health clinics have closed and that access to Medicaid is difficult,” which reflects back to the idea of health care plans being a reason for maternal mortality and shows how some women have difficulty accessing medical health. After stating his claim he explains how he shadowed the president-elect of the American Congress Of  Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Dr. Lisa Hollier and explained an impacted she had as a young resident, that made her realize something had to be done to make motherhood safer. As Kristof analysis Dr. Lisa Hollier story of her experience, he was able to build up to highlighting the idea that there’s one simple thing we can do in order to help make a change in the United States – and that is “to help women or girls avoid pregnancies they don’t want. “You can’t die from a pregnancy when you’re not pregnant.” (Dr. Hollier)


Kristof wrote an effective article on the topic of maternal mortality. Kristof qualifications contributed to helping him create a reader friendly article as he contains experience in creating well written articles with credible sources for the New York Times. His structure within the article makes it easy to comprehend as he clears states his main point and provides well written sub-points that reflect back to his overall point. Through his usage of repetition, he is able to emphasize some of the main factors that contribute to the issue of maternal mortality within the United States, in order to prove that Americans lie about loving mothers.


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